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Happy New Year! 

Hello friends!

The last lil' while has been busy juggling life, small kiddies and moving around, but we are still here, hoping for sun-shiny days ahead with music, shows and more in-person fun ahead! May 2021 bring everyone health, happiness and only good things.


Winter Wonderland 

Well, out here on the west coast we don't really get snow, but it's been great getting into the holiday spirit now that it's December!  Every year is seems to sneak up on us faster and faster.  The New Year's resolution for 2017 will be to make more music happen for sure.  But for now, here's a little holiday cheer we are sending your way.  The Northerlies wish you the best season ever, in whatever weather you wish for!


Rough demos  

Hey everyone!

In light of the very busy days of all of us in Northerlies land, I thought it might be nice to post a couple of rough demos here, since that's all that can make it to the surface these days. Here's to hopes of having a little more time to squeeze in more polished versions of songs in the near future.  I heard a rumor that when you have your second child (very soon), you suddenly have LOADS of free time for music making, so that's what I am banking on.

Here is a song called "Thunder and Sunny Days," which is still very much in the works, and may end up with a completely different feel in the end. But for now, here you go!

We'll be sure to post another new one in the next week or two!


Happy Almost Spring! 

Hope everyone is having a great time in all of the puddles the rain has brought our way!
We've been getting ready for the upcoming show at The Hotel Utah in April. 
We're working on a couple of new songs, too.  We'll post some demos soon!

Playing at The Hotel Utah on April 2nd with Gosta Berling 

Hello everyone!

Please mark your calendar for our upcoming show at The Hotel Utah on Saturday, April 2nd!
We will be joining our friends Gosta Berling for the release party of their new album Winterland.

We are really looking forward to playing again, and hope to see you there!

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